Well, we have been around for a long time and because you are visiting her site, I'll bet you already know who Sally is. For the uninitiated, Sally is originally from the St Louis area. She moved to Peoria, Illinois in 1976 after a chance meeting through a mutual friend while our band was playing at a St Louis club. When we heard Sally, we immediately offered her a spot in the band. That band faded but Sally & I have been playing professionally together ever since - and we got married too. I would be a fool to think that I could have ever had the good fortune to play hip music professionally with a good level of success without having the extreme good fortune to have tied in with a truly great singer and show person. Did I mention bass player & keyboard player? Well, I should have. She is the proverbial triple threat.

The Sally Weisenburg Band (Sally, myself on guitar, steel guitar & harmonica & drummer, Tony Corpus) play mainly clubs, festivals & private events regionally in the Midwest. We're known more than anything for our blues and R&B interpretations but, we wear a lot of hats and can also play anything from standards & Motown to instrumental surf music. With recent addition of the steel guitar, we're also very comfortable playing a lot of old country and Texas swing.

Sally's inspiration has come from many but she cites Ruth Brown as one of her major influences. Add to that Irma Thomas, Aretha Franklin, Howlin' Wolf, Bobby Bland, Dakota Staton and on & on. Sally is in that exclusive league with those who have been her influences - a truly great natural singer. She is also in that rare position of an artist who has earned the great respect of her peers. Don Berbaum